Ministry of Tourism finalizes construction of DNA laboratory to stem poaching

World Wildlife Day

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has finalized the construction of DNA laboratory for wild animals in Mweya where any suspected poached meat will have to be tested as culprits are apprehended for involving in the vice. The minister of Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Maria Lubega Mutagamba says the vice of poaching is on the increase in public around the National parks and this is greatly affecting the tourism sector hence a concern that needs massive sensitization amongst the public.

Mutagamba says that before, the suspected poachers could walk freely when the authorities in the ministry could not provide evidence of poached meat but she says with this laboratory, the law against poaching is to act on many. She revealed this while  announcing anti-poaching marathon due 6th march here in Kampala in honor of the wildlife whose species she says are declining because of the vice. She continued to stress that the money that will be got from this marathon will be used to create alternative jobs for youth who have abandoned poaching which was their source of income.

Meanwhile, Uganda will join the rest of the world to commemorate the International Wildlife day on 3rd march and this year it’s to run on the theme, “Save Wild life, Act now, game over”

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