Government to start tooth decay preventive program for primary schools

Tooth decayAs the country joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Oral Health Day on 20th March 2016, government is to start teeth preventive program for primary school children attending schools near all the regional referral hospitals. The Ministry of Health Principle Dental Surgeon Dr. Juliet Nabbanja says that dentists will apply fluoride gel to the teeth of about 700 to 800 children schooling near 10 regional referral hospitals.

Fluoride Gels are acidic, highly concentrated fluoride products that dentists topically apply to a patient’s teeth about two times a year to prevent them from decaying. According to the Ministry of health, about 75.9 percent of children below 5 years and 93.1% adults suffer from tooth decay in the country. Nabbanja adds that the program which is supported by Canadian government will last for five years for only primary five and six pupils.

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