President Museveni blames NRM leaders, police for NRM By-Election Loss

Following the Rukungiri District Woman Member of Parliament By-Election held yesterday which saw FDC’s Betty Muzanira as the winner, President Museveni has come out with a statement blaming NRM leaders and Police for NRM’s Winfred Matsiko loss.

In a statement posted on facebook, President Museveni first congratulated NRM mobilisers for the work they did; “I congratulate the NRM mobilisers in Rukungiri District for the good work they did in the elections of Woman MP yesterday,” President wrote in a statement.

President Museveni went ahead and attribute the by-election loss to Police’s weakness.

“Due to the weakness on the side of the police and the NRM leaders, I also hear that there was intimidation of voters by hooligans from Kampala and other areas. I salute those who defied those odds and voted for the NRM.”

He however promised continuous support to the people of Rukungiri; “My programmes of wealth creation for the masses, especially the youth, will continue. Some of those groups helped in winning some parts of the municipality.”

Read President’s full statement below;

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