Moment emergency services sop flames with swimming pool water

Portugal fires have ripped through parts of the countryside in the Algarve, with emergency services resorting to dropping swimming pool water on the blaze as it threatens hotels and holidaymakers in the area.

Tourists in Portugal have been evacuated as wildfires sweep the country, with authorities scrambling to get the blaze under control.

More than 1,000 firefighters have been tackling the problem with video captures the moment a helicopter scooped up water from a swimming pool to put onto the blaze.

People cool off at the beach during the heatwave in the southeastern coastal town of Benidorm

People cool off at the beach during the heatwave in the southeastern coastal town of Benidorm

Travelers staying in parts of the Algarve were told to leave as flames came within miles of popular holiday resorts.

A worker at Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa, which is close to the fires said on Monday: “The hotel’s maximum capacity is 500 people and most of our guests at this time of the year are British.

“Everyone was evacuated safely. We hope they can come back today but as things stand this morning they’re not back yet and are still at the hotels in Portimao they were taken to.”

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Portugal Forest Fires have so far Killed 62 people

The fires follow the extreme heatwave that hit Portugal and Spain with temperatures up to 46 degrees.

The Foreign Office has updated their latest travel advice on Monday.

They warn: “A major forest fire in the area of Monchique, in the Algarve, has been burning for a number of days.

“The fire continues to burn in the area surrounding Monchique. The Portuguese authorities are evacuating the affected areas.

“If you’re in the area, follow the instructions of the Portuguese police and Civil Protection authorities.”

Travelling to Monchique area is “not advised” at this time. It follows the warning regarding the temperature warning, which have advised that there was an “increased risk of forest fires”.


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