Chameleone and Pallaso clash at Rwanda Music Tour

The Mayanja brothers, Pallaso and Jose Chameleone are currently at loggerheads and can hardly speak face to face after clashing while in Rwanda for a music tour.

Sources say that their first show went down as planned but later they started fighting for supremacy at the second event that was held at Musanze Stadium. The major cause of the fight was Chameleone’s aggressiveness.

While Pallaso was on stage, Chameleone cut short his performance by unplugging the microphone from the controllers, leaving Pallaso unable to sing hence taking over stage amidst his brother’s performance.

It is reported that Pallaso and Weasel criticized their elder brother’s behaviour something he was not ready to take in. He started throwing words at his brothers,  bragging how is a legend.

But this did not go well with Pallaso either as he took to his social media platforms to express his dissatisfaction.

Weasle and pallaso

Pallaso and Weasel criticized their elder brother’s behaviour

“Thank you, Rwanda. We are the future. Being legendary is something you should let the fans decide. I am blessed by God beyond borders and limits, our time is now, forget the old days.  Cry, Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears, water the seeds of your future happiness,” Pallaso posted.

It is remembered that this is not the first time the Mayanja brothers are fighting. In 2016, Chameleone and Weasel had differences for some time before they were resolved.


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