Emilian Kayima hands over office to CP Fred Enanga

Outgoing Police Spokesperson Emillian Kayima hands over office to CP Fred Enanga

CP Fred Enanga has on Wednesday been handed his office by the outgoing Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima.

The Inspector General of Police Mr Okoth Ochola announced the changes on January 12 asserting that Kayima is dropped to the post of office of Political Commissar.

Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga will be deputized by SSP Polly Namaye. SP Onyango will now act as the Kampala Metro Politan Police Spokesperson.He will be assisted by Luke Owesigiire.

New Police spokesperson Enanga served in the same post before being dropped with his deputy in 2016 by former IGP Kale Kayihura replaced with the late AIGP, Andrew Felix.

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