Belinda Nansasi wins Uganda’s Miss Curvy contest

Belinda Nansasi has emerged the winner of hotly contested Uganda's Miss Curvy 2019

The Uganda Miss Curvy contest was concluded on Saturday morning with Belinda Nansasi emerging as the winner from the 25 participants.

Belinda Nansasi who is a businesswoman from Kampala beat the 20 participants given that five out of the 25 participants were kicked out earlier.

Belinda Nansasi who is a businesswoman from Kampala beat the 20 participants

Among those kicked out of the Cat Walk were Aisha Namale, Joanitta Ayebare, Esther Among, Sumaya Nakazi, and Patience Ahumuza. These were among the contestants to warm up the stage and set the agenda. Though they had curves, they couldn’t beat the remaining 20.

The contest started after 9 pm on Friday and ended Saturday morning at 2.30am with the handover of a Jeep Cherokee vehicle to the winner Belinda Nansasi.

Belinda Nansasi with her skimpy dressing save for the curves bulged from the different dresses that the contestants intermittently adorned to exhibit their God-given beauty.

The remaining 20 participants that included Brenda Nansasi were subjected to questions by judges Marianne Mungoma and Micheal Makunzi.They were told to explain what they could do if they worn the prize in relation to promotion of the objectives of the pageant organizers where all of them pledged to empower their peers economically and rally them to fight against the stereotype the public holds against the Plus Size women as they call themselves rather than “Fat woman” as the public defines them.

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