We need to create grassroots radio stations-Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr Col. Kizza Besigye has insisted that stopping him from reaching his people via radio stations won’t deter him from sending his message to people.

Besigye said this on Saturday while in Kitgum district after the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner, Mr Christopher Omara reportedly ordered his talk that was to take place on the Mighty Fire FM cancelled.

Besigye says that the party will do all what it takes to establish communication channels at the grass root level to pass the message to people and for easy coordination.

“We are now going to create our own radio stations within the community,” Dr Besigye said. “This is through networking with the locals and leaders at the grassroots. This grassroots radios will help us to pass information from bottom to top and vice versa; it is what the People’s Government is intending to do.”

“We need to establish our leaders’ network so that we don’t only rely on the radio stations. We cannot cause change if we don’t have coordination, we should have leaders from top to bottom, we need to stand up and rise against this government because power is in our hands,”Besigye added.

The four time Presidential candidate was accompanied by the FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat and FDC national Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe while in Kitgum.

The FDC party was on a move of opening a new office within Kitgum which was constructed by the Chua West County Member of Parliament, Mr Philip Okin Ojara.

While contacted by Daily Monitor in an interview, the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner, Mr Christopher Omara denied being behind the cancellation of a talk show that Besigye had planned to appear on.

“I think the station management didn’t want to host the FDC leaders because of reason they best know, I didn’t give them any directives,” he said.

Besigye has been on several occasions denied chance of talking to his people while on radio stations. Several radio stations in Kabale, Jinja and Mubende have been switched off for hosting him.

Tembo FM was switched off on Thursday after official from the FDC Party were passing a message to people of Besigye going to appear in the district on Saturday.

The FDC  Presidential also said that President Museveni is already defeated and that’s why he moved from barracks to barracks country wide because he has no support of the army.

“Museveni is cornered, he is actually defeated, he no longer has the support of the army. That is the reason why you saw him moving in all the barracks around the country trying to convince soldiers by promising them better housing facilities, improved salaries. You cannot keep promising people for more than 30 years,” he said.

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