Uganda Scientists introduce New Malaria Drug

A new drug has been manufactured to counter the unending woes of the malaria disease among Ugandans especially children in the rural areas.

Scientists believe that the drug named “Pyramax” has the capacity to remain active in the body system for long period of time.

The country manager of Shin Poong Pharm, a Korean company behind the drug, Mr Bob Peter Okello, revealed that the new drug is an answer to disturbing cases malaria.

“The clinical trials have captured so far over 9,000 people. The drug is very tolerable to most patients who took it .If you look at the studies and compare it with other drugs on market in terms of clearing the parasite in the body that is causing malaria, it’s actually faster,” Mr Okello said.

“We have learnt that 17 years have been invested in developing this product. It is in the interest of the anti-malaria community to constantly develop alternatives. Mosquito parasites have constantly changed and therefore, we need to develop new tools to match their ability to change,”
National Malarial Control programme, Dr Jimmy Opigo said during the launch of the drug on Friday.

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