Democratic Party Norbert Mao sends apology to the media fraternity

Democratic Party (DP) president General Norbert Mao has apologized to the journalists for having arrived late at the party’s Tuesday press conference 13 August 2019.

According to the statement dated 13th August 2019, the President General said that he was aware of the protest that took place before his arrival but added that his late coming was caused by matters beyond his control.

“I was informed that you left the building in protest before I arrived. This is understandable and we have noted your concern. You made your point. While my delay the result of events outside my control, I truly regret that I arrived late. I value your time and it was never my intent to inconvenience you,” he said in a statement.

After reports emerged that the journalists vowed not to attend his weekly press conferences before he apologies, Mao asked the journalists to forgive him and keep health relationship with the party.

“I take complete responsibility for the entire sad episode and I hope that the healthy relationship between the media fraternity and the Democratic Party shall continue,” the statement adds.

Read a statement from Norbert Mao below.




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