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Activist says new Uganda HIV transmission bill unfair to women

The acting Executive Director of Uganda Network of Law Ethics and HIV/AIDS, Dora Musinguzi has appealed to the government not to enact the HIV/AIDS preventive Control Bill 2009, in its current state because, it will lead to more abuse to Ugandan women.

Parliament of Uganda

Bill tabled in Parliament of Uganda

The bill which has already been tabled for the first reading in parliament requires mandatory disclosure of one’s HIV/AIDS status and failure leads to criminal offence.

She says most Ugandan Women get to know their HIV/AIDS status before their male counterparts because of their frequent visits to medical facilities which gives them an extra burden to disclose their HIV/AIDS status as a mandatory requirement by the law.

Musinguzi says, disclosure of women’s HIV/AIDS status leads to abuse as they are constantly accused by their husbands for bringing the virus.

The HIV/AIDS activist further adds, that the bill if enacted, will increase the prevalence rates of the virus in the country because, most people will not take an HIV/AIDS test for fear of being prosecuted.

HIV/AIDS remains one of the leading killers in Uganda, mostly affecting women and children.

Government efforts to reduce the prevalence rates have reaped fruits because the country remains a success story on the African Continent in reducing the infection rates, and enabling easy access to HIV/AIDS treatment to patients.  

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