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FDC mps clash before witnesses before the committee

The Forum for democratic Change members of parliament on the public accounts committee have clashed before the committee’s witnesses.
The mps clashed while meeting the committee was meeting officials from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) who had appeared before mps to answer queries of the Auditor general’s of the financial year 2010/11.
Mps Odonga otto of Aruu county and Terego member of parliament Kasiona Wadri exchanged words after Otto detecting that the chairperson of public accounts committee Kasiano Wadri was handling the witnesses with a soft hand.
This angered wadri and accused Odonga Otto of not being a member of the committee but was disorganizing the proceedings of the committee.
Later mps cooled them down advised them to handle the matter at their party structures.
However , mps have been complaining of the MP Wadri’s conduct in corridors of parliament on how he chairs the committee saying in some cases they are forced to drop queries containing big some of money causing a financial loss to tax payers.

Wadri is known to have crossed from the Democratic party in 2001 parliamentary seat and was denied a post of the leader of opposition in 2011 and it was given to Nandala Mafabi despite him have served as the first opposition chief whip.

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