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Matembe attacks MPS over miniskirts law

The former Ethics Minister Miria Matembe has lashed out at lawmakers to prioritize issues of relevant to the ordinary citizens instead of none-priority laws.

Speaking at a News Conference organized by the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention, Matembe criticized government for failure to tackling the key areas affect the citizens.

Criticizing the unfortunate acts of stripping women naked, Matembe said that matters of morals are best addressed in the family setting and religious circles.

The Vocal social Critic said that the Marriage and divorce Act has been pending for a long time yet it would address the matters that affect the family unit.

However the Ethics Minister Father Simon Lokodo says that the law has no problem but it’s only unfortunate that some people misinterpreted and abused it.

Lokodo stressed that Anti-pornography is one of the priority laws for the family in Uganda instead the Marriage and Divorce Bill.

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