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Sebaggala: DP is going nowhere

Nasar Ntege Sebagala (NV)

The Mayor of Kampala and former member of the Democratic Party (DP), Hajji Nasser Sebaggala has attacked his former party describing its leaders as non starters.

He says the people who are still supporting DP are playing around because this oldest opposition party in Uganda is going nowhere. Sebaggala says DP has been around many years but it doesn’t own a single building in Kampala to house its offices.

The Mayor says DP has no impact in Uganda’s politics and even if people elect it in power it can do nothing to develop the country. He was addressing his supporters at City Hall in Kampala today.

Sebaggala says he joined DP in 1980s but he had to quit the party to form his own political party because some members of DP are selfish and they are out to promote their personal interests. The Mayor also says his interest is to contest for President in 2011.

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