uganda districts

Uganda parliament creates five new counties

Uganda Parliament has created five new counties in five districts of Uganda bringing the total number of counties to 229. The Uganda minister of state for local government Perez Ahabwe while presenting the proposal for the creation of new counties to Uganda Parliament on Wednesday says the new counties will help improve representation and ease […]

Uganda districts directed to purchase 70% of drugs from NMS

The Uganda Parliamentary Committee on Social Services has directed all Uganda districts to purchase at least 70% of their drugs from the government controlled National Medical Stores (NMS) as opposed to buying them from private drug companies. The Member of Parliament for Bunya West, also a member of the committee Aggrey Henry Bagiire told journalists at […]

Uganda Health Minister says Malaria prevalence to reduce by 2015

The Uganda Minister of State for Primary Heath, James Kakooza has indicated that malaria prevalence rates will reduce by 5 percent before the end of 2015. Currently, the prevalence of malaria in Uganda stands at more than 25 percent and remains the leading killer mostly affecting children and pregnant mothers according to statistics from the […]