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Bogoya provides potassium and sodium good for your body

bogoya bananas are a delicacy and good for health

Bogoya (call it Cavendish) is a type of banana. Many times bogoya is eaten when ripe. The potassium and sodium content in bananas regulates the body’s water balance.

The more potassium one has the more fluids there is in his or her body hence preventing dehydration e.g. if one has diarrhea and takes bananas.

Bogoya help to replace the lost fluid. The bananas are also excellent in stressing busters due to their high potassium. They are good in managing intestinal and liver-related disorder like inflammation of the stomach walls.

However you should avoid unripe banana’s (bogoya) because they contain significant amounts of starch that causes flatulence (gas accumulation in the stomach) and indigestion.

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