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10 men killed in Uganda daily, armed robbery on increase in Uganda


The use of firearms by suspected thugs is on increase in Kampala despite heavy police deployment in the city suburbs.

This is contained in the latest Annual Crime Traffic and Road Safety Report which shows that at least 10 people are murdered every day in Uganda.

The report indicates that Uganda police investigated over 1,987 cases of murder last year in which 3,753 people were killed compared to 1,761 cases in 2010, where 3,160 people were murdered.

The report doesn’t talk about people killed in mob justice, opposition politicians poisoned because they reportedly no longer trusts and or believe in president Museven’s government and his institutions.

Some people critical of Museveni’s leadership allege that Museveni is a liar because he has failed to curb murders and that he should be pushed from power because most of these firearms used to terrorize Ugandans are distributed by him to his relatives, friends and agents.


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