ICC unveils 60 new war crimes charges against LRA Deputy leader


The International Criminal Court has unveiled 60 new war crimes charges against the deputy leader of Uganda’s brutal Lord’s Resistance Army, including using child soldiers and keeping sex slaves. The Hague-based court said the prosecution gave formal notice that it intends to expand the scope of the charges against Dominic Ongwen.

The court plans to file the additional charges on December 21 on top of seven initial accusations meaning he now faces a total of 67 counts.

Ongwen, known as the “White Ant”, was a former child-soldier-turned-warlord who became one of the most senior commanders of the LRA. He the first leader of the brutal Ugandan rebel army  led by the fugitive Joseph Kony  to appear before the International Criminal Court which was set up to try the world’s worst crimes and is accused of killing more than 100 000 people and abducting 60 000 children.

The charges all relate to attacks carried out on camps housing people who had been forced to flee their homes in the bloody Ugandan rebellion that started in 1987.


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