Mabiriizi asks EC to withdraw security in wake of kidnap

Joseph Mabiriizi adressing media

Photo: Daily Monitor

Presidential candidate Joseph Mabiriizi instructs Electoral Commission to withdraw security following his alleged kidnapping. Mabiriizi who is contesting on an independent ticket says  the security that was availed to offer protection has failed to guarantee his safety therefore he can live without it. He made the remarks at a press conference organized at MacKinnon suits in Kampala. Flanked by his chairperson Kalinde Nyago, Mabiriizi who is contesting under  the flagship of his party independent  coalition  said that he was subjected to harassment upon his kidnap because  police officers  were compromised by the  assailants who tortured him.
While narrating what transpired he reveled to the press that he was ordered to withdraw from the race. He goes on to say that he was kicked and beaten where he sustained serious internal injuries.
Mabiriizi has also cited the loopholes in police communication following the remarks by police spokesperson on his kidnap saying that he had created a stunt. Despite this, he insists that he will not withdraw from contesting. He also claims that during the process of his kidnap he lost 7 million shilling, which he was using during his campaign, to assailants dressed in camouflaged army uniforms. He further added that he is continuing with his campaigns in Busoga region up to Sunday where he will traverse other parts of the country.

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