Bitekyerezo asks for 1 trillion shs for Health Ministry

MP Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo

Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo

The Ministry of Health wants over 1 trillion shillings for the Next Financial Year 2016/17 to cater for the swelling needs and gaps in the Health Sector. Among the issues to be catered for is a salary of the Health Workers, Uniforms for all Health Workers, Automatic recruitment of New Health workers, and increment of Budget for Primary Health workers, provision of ARVs to test and Treatment of People living with HIV/AIDS.

The Committee Chairperson for Health Mbarara Municipality MP Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo while appearing before the Budget committee chaired by Bulambuli County Wamidimi Wamakuyu to present the health ministry budget said that parliament must find all the funds required by this ministry for effective health service delivery. He says at least 2 billion shillings should be allocated for health workers uniforms so that each has two pairs to curb the baby theft, quack doctors, and bribes for medical services. He adds it will be very easy to identify the health workers with their Name tags pinned on the uniforms.
The committee also recommends that the Basic Ambulance system be put in place to help rural poor who die due to lack of transport, mostly the pregnant mothers. Dr. Bitekyerezo says 1 Billion shillings should be allocated to purchase the ambulances to cater for the emergencies. He says the ambulance system is one of the unfunded priorities in ministry of Health.

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