MPs have mixed reaction over vote rigging allegations

Members of Parliament have mixed reaction over vote rigging as opposition MPs say that the opposition has no capacity to steal votes as alluded by President Yoweri Museveni. The member of  Parliament for Busiro East in Wakiso district Medard Segona says the remarks by president Museveni are excuses so that the NRM Party rigs these elections.
Parliament of Uganda
Kalungu west MP in Kalungu District Gonzaga Joseph Sewungu says opposition cannot rig votes in 2016 polls because it is not in power to control electoral commission as the NRM Party is. Kabula County MP James Kakoza says electoral biometric machines will act as a court to decide that this year’s votes will be free and fair.
Makindye East MP John Simbwa  says the opposition during voting day vote in multiple series by rubbing off the ink on the thumb but this time round electoral commission will detect this malpractice in 2016 elections.

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