Double campaign strategy to unseat Museveni; Kivumbi asks Amama and Besigye

Flag UgThe Member of Parliament for Butambala County Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi pleads with the leading opposition presidential candidates in 2016 presidential race Amama Mbabazi and Dr. Col. Kiiza Besigye to double their campaigning strategy to deny NRM candidate 51%. The  diminishing  winning percentage of candidate President Yoweri Museveni from 51% to 40%. Will cause a rerun and giving  an opportunity to the joint opposition candidate upper hand to win. It’s a requirement for presidential candidate to win with 50% and above in a presidential race otherwise a rerun is called for.

Speaking to Journalists at Parliament Kivumbi Says both candidates are on the right truck of advocating for change in the country  calling for  overwhelming support by the voters to weaken president Museveni ‘s support. He also defended himself for attending col. Kiiza Besigye’s rally at Butambala because he is the area opposition MP to welcome all the main opposition  presidential candidates who want a change in the country.

Kivumbi was denied a microphone to address the rally in Butambala county by Dr. Besigye who  went on to introduce FDC’s flagbearer Moses Kasule.

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