Workers’ representative calls for halt on labor export

Theopista  Nabulya Sentongo

Hon. Theopista Nabulya Sentongo

Workers representative in parliament Theopista  Nabulya Sentongo agrees with the stand by Government not to allow any export of labor to UAE until they reach a final conclusion with the government of Dubai. The two Governments started negations on the issue of exporting labor following the decision by the government of Uganda to companies from exporting labor to Dubai.
The companies exporting labor to UAE and officials from the gender ministry held a meeting with Government asking that they maintain the ban insisting they will first scrutinize these companies because some companies are engaged in human trafficking which has turned Ugandan citizens in Dubai into slaves.

But MP Sentongo says that although some steps have been taken to streamline the system it is important for Government to first rescue all the girls who have remained there.

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