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HURINET addresses the State over curtailed freedoms

Army on the road

Army on the streets of Kampala. Photo: Sudhir Byaruhanga

HURINET executive director, Muhammed Ndifuuna has lashed out at the State which he is castigating for what he terms as illegal behaviors and acts which has seen rights and freedoms of FDC presidential flag bearer curtailed.
Police arrested Dr. Besigye and took him to an unknown destination coupled with further acts of breaking through the FDC offices and arresting data entrants as well as disappearing with declarations forms, something which the rights activists condemn.
Ndifuuna now challenges the state to create a favorable environment for everyone to operate warning that if such acts continue the country might land into chaos. The activists further sight private security firms for engaging in the electoral process of the country as they have now been deployed to man security on the streets donning army uniforms.
HURINET who also observed the polls point out irregularities among them being the disemphranchisment of voters in some areas, ballot stuffing, late voter material delivery, voter material taking long hours to be collected from the field, among others. They now recommend that security agencies desists from intimidating voters, state allows opposition express their feelings over the outcomes, UPDF get off the streets and the state reconcile with the opposition to avert tension.

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