NRM landslide victory in elections a true reflection that Museveni also swept presidential elections – Ssebalu

The spokes person of the NRM campaign task force Hon. Mike Ssebalu says that the landslide victory registered in the LC elections across the country as well as the parliamentary elections is a true reflection that the party presidential flag bearer also swept the country in the presidential elections on 18th February. Addressing a news conference this afternoon, Ssebalu says Ugandans should not devote their energies towards embarrassing the new government as well as its programmes to see to it that the country grows as well as the citizenry.

However, he laughs at Ugandans in the disapora who protested the victory of NRM in Toronto over the weekend saying they should respect the wish of Ugandans who voted and backed the NRM presidential candidate. Over the weekend Ugandans in Toronto –Canada protested the re-election of president Museveni saying he was not legitimately elected.

Protesters in Toronto, Canada Photo credit: Ugbizz

Protesters in Toronto, Canada Photo credit: Ugbizz

Still the party is confident that it is again going to win majority youth seats in the ongoing elections despite challenges of registering wrangles in the central youth MPs.

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