Police brutality on women a deterrent for women participation in politics – HR organisations

Van in which Ingrid Turinawe and journalist Remmy Bahati were detained

Human rights  organizations, Foundation for Human rights Initiative (FHRI) and Women Leadership Development (WLEDE) recommend that the security personnel desist from exercising excessive power over women engaging in politics as it is one of the deterrent for other women to actively participate in politics. According to a recent report on the just concluded parliamentary elections, the human rights organizations observe that although there was  an increment of women contesting for direct constituency in parliament from 38 in 2011 to 91 in 2016  the number of female winners who will be in the 10th parliament has increased by only 1 member.

The number of female MPs on the direct seat has increased from 11 members to 12. The human rights organization who observed the election process also recommend that the Electoral Commission  should ensure that it is gender disaggregated to allow comparisons between male and female  voters as it compiles voter data.

Political parties are also urged to put in practice their written policies that seek to support the active participation of women in party politics to achieve gender equality in politics beyond mere supporters.

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