FDC MPs weigh in on Besigye’s failed petition attempt

Besigye posters

Some  of  the Members of Parliament from the main opposition party FDC  have expressed mixed feelings on blocking their presidential candidate from petitioning court over the recent concluded presidential elections. One of the senior members in FDC Elijah Okupa of Kasilo county says that it would make a difference if Col. Besigye was allowed to petition and expose the rot for court to nullify the results.

But another member Winnie Kizza, women MP from Kasese says that although the exercise was not free and fair it will be hard for the voters to chose someone they want with the use of the security agents during the exercise.

However Kampala woman mp Nabilah Sempala Nagayi also an FDC member says that although there were some irregularities with in the elections, it would not make any difference even  if the exercise for the president is repeated when the electoral commission remains the same.

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