Opposition in Kasese demand for apology from IGP on Rwenzururu statements


Inspector General of Police in Kasese

Kasese opposition members of parliament have demanded for an apology from the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kaihura for insinuating that the Opposition and Rwenzururu Kingdom were behind the violence in Kasese. Woman MP for Kasese district Winfred Kiiza and Busongola North MP William Nzhoghu told parliament that Omumbere is being accused wrongly over violence in Kasese.

Kizza also wants Gen.Kaihura to withdraw the statement that the kingdom of Rwenzururu has a hand in the fights between the locals and the police. She said the media basing on false reports, had published articles implicating the Rwenzururu Kingdom that it was mobilizing a militia attacker which caused mayhem in Kasese. She noted that leaders in Kasese are going to drag police officers who had a hand in killing of innocent civilians in Kasese to court.
The speaker asked the minister of internal Affairs to make a statement over the matter.

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