MP calls for action against hippos attacking people in western Uganda

Kazinga Channel [Western Uganda]-home to over 4,000 hippos! Also called the “Hippo Paradise

Following several Hippo attacks to the people of Rubirizi district,the area MP Grace Kesande Bataringaya, has asked government to allow people there to defend themselves against the stray wild animals.

Kesande says several people have been killed and others injured by the hippos but government has not come to their rescue, also making students to abandon school or fail to concentrate in class.

She told parliament that the animals from Queen Elizabeth national park recently killed a person and injured several others as well as destroying their crops, causing a lot of fear in the district.

Kesande also appealed to government to compensate families of those killed or injured by the hippos in addition to coming up with a policy to assist those in candidate classes by giving them extra marks since they cannot adequately prepare for final examinations due to fear of being attacked by the wild animals.

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