Kotido district okays age limit removal

Voters in Kotido district have unanimously agreed to the scrapping of the presidential age limit.  This agreement came during a consultative meeting with the area Member of Parliament Aleper Aachilla Margaret held at Kotido district church of Uganda St Philips community Centre.

The Karimajongs say that parliament should immediately pass age limit to enable president Museveni contest come 2021. The chairperson elders Forum in Kotido Loiki Paul Lonino during the meeting said that Karamoja as a region has benefited a lot from president Museveni regime.

“Museveni has lifted Karamoja region in many ways including economically, socially among others. If article 102b blocks useful persons like president Museveni, it should be immediately amended because Karamoja still needs Museveni,” Mr Lonino said adding that without Museveni, there is no Karamoja.

Adome Dominic Lokalyomoe the NRM district secretary used the platform saying that age limit discriminates people with qualities. “Age limit removal is not only targeting individuals like president Museveni but for all Ugandans who have qualities. It should be removed to allow all potential leaders to lead their people,” Lokalyomoe stressed.

“The president has done a lot in our area and he still has big plans for us like extending power to all our villages and gives us tarmac roods.We have enough security Karamojong’s are free to move from one point to another with no fear, medically we are okay. We should reward him for everything he has done for the region by supporting the removal of the age limit,” Lokwameri Nariono the chairperson veterans in Kotido added.

The district woman MP Aleper said that Karamojong’s overwhelmingly agreed to support for the removal of the age limit because of the love they have and trust in NRM party. “This is the time my people need president Museveni because he has a lot of plans for them. Am also adding my voice to the people of Kotido that parliament should remove age limit for the benefits of other Ugandans not only for the president Museveni,” the legislator said.

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