Government urged to stop award of fake degrees

Fight fake degrees, government told

Ayivu county MP Benard Atiku

The chairperson of the parliamentary forum on children Bernard Atiku  asked the ministry of education to rise up and inspect the higher learning institutions to stop the award of fake qualifications to students.

Recently the National Council for Higher Education (NHCE) noted that it’s aware of individuals, including politicians, who have been approaching institutions of higher learning to secure diplomas and degrees to meet academic qualifications to vie for various posts without even attending classes.

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Atiku who is also MP for Ayivu county said that the ministry of education has all the required structures and resources to fight this practice but it’s not doing enough to stop this problem,

He said that some education institutions are teaching subjects and courses which were not approved by the National curriculum Development Centre and the National Council for Higher Education which deprives the future of the students and resources of their parents

Atiku added that as MPs, As parliament they will put the ministry of education on task to explain under what circumstances institutions engage in unethical behaviors which is compromising the education standards of the country

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