Muzaata beats teacher for slapping his son at Bilali Islamic Schools

The administration of Bilali Islamic Schools has dismissed Sheikh Noah Muzaata Batte who has been a teacher at the Bwaise based school for insulting and beating up a fellow teacher known as Ramathan Ssebalamu who thumped his child.

According to Ramathan Ssebalamu, Muzaata found him in the school staff room and started boxing him accusing him of beating and telling his boy Lukanga Mushabu to clean the compound as other pupils at the school usually do when being punished.

Muzaata and son (insert). Internet Photo

The chairman Board of Directors, Hajji Muhammad Lwembawo Serwanjja says that many staff members and pupils have been complaining about Muzaata’s insults.

“We have decided to lay him off until further notice, we are sitting as the BOD to solve this matter and if it means firing him, we are going to do so, we have written to him about this,” Hajji Muhammad Lwembawo said.

Lwembawo has told the Grapevine that some pupils have been sent back home as they solve this because their teachers are on a sit-down strike until the board disciplines Muzaata.

However, when we spoke to Muzaata, who we found at his home in Kawempe, he told us that he has not received any letter stopping him to do his work and has refuted all allegations that he insulted a teacher.

“I’m waiting for that dismissal letter to come to me, I have been warning teachers of Bilali Islamic schools for insulting children but they never listen, my boy was seriously beaten by that teacher a one Ramathan Ssebalamu and I tried to talk to him,” Sheikh Muzaata narrated.

Muzaata said that the Ministry of Education even wrote to the school warning them on the punishments that they always give to students but they have failed to change. “That’s why I’m also going to get my child out of that school because he can’t get better education with that nonsense.”

Muzaata’s son Lukanga Mushabu who is in primary four has told us that he was beaten by the teacher because he refused to clean the school compound. However, other pupils have told us that Muzaata always insults their teachers in front of them.


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