Nakaseke MP decries shortage of ARVs in district

ore than 600 patients have been affected

Nakaseke  South MP, Luttamaguzi Semakula, has asked the Ministry of Health to intervene in the scarcity of Arvs and septrine at Nakaseke hospital.

Luttamaguzi while presenting a matter of national importance noted that more than 600 patients have been affected in the area with the doctors advising them to buy them from the black market.

Luttamaguzi said that many of the patients can not afford to buy these drugs daily as they are prescribed but says many of them are poor and can not afford these drugs which he says is going to put their lives in danger.

The minister of State for General duties, Sarah Opendi, denied the scarcity of ARVS in the country saying these drugs are with national medical stores but that as for septrine they had funding gap which has resulted into scarcity.

She added that the drug will be available in July.

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