Unearth your child’s strengths

Every child has a strength that is hidden and just needs to be unveiled so that the child can live a successful and happy life.

Much as it takes time to identify the child’s strengths because it involves a lot of observation, parents need to make an effort to do so that the child can be empowered.

Viola Ariniitwe, a mother of two says her 10 year old son is always inactive as compared to his four year old sister and it not only at home but his teachers too complain about it.

“There is a time I was called to school to take him back home because the teachers thought he was sick due to his dull state,” says Ariniitwe.

She says on taking him to hospital there was no illness and he too admitted to being fine so she decided to ask the teachers why they thought he was ill and they describe for her his state on that day something that was normal to her.

It is after I changed him to an international school that he changed because the teachers discovered that he loved reading so much something that has developed into writing and right now he is doing so well not only in the writing and reading classes but also in other subjects he offers.

Help the child

Annette Amoding, a tutor at a child development center says children are fragile beings who can be easily broken so it is either you make the child who they should be at an early age or just destroy them.

She says carefully studying a child is what everyone around should do so that you can get to know there area of interest so that they can focus on that to help the child

Similary, Jovia Atuhaire, a mother of three says once parents or teachers develop the art of seeing a child’s strength then work will be made easy of both of them.

She says her daughter is a public speaker but whenever she got on stage to do anything, she would always get nervous and fail to do anything perfectly because she did not really think it was something special that others could not do.

All she lacked was motivation and appreciation that when she got, she perfected her talent which made her go to places I never knew she could.

Although she says parents should be careful while doing that whilst they risk pushing the child to do what they good at and it is not their strength and once that happens then the child will live a life that is not theirs.

Amoding says once you see a child carrying out an activity with energy and doing the same thing repeatedly, then you will know you have found their strength so you can work on bettering it.

Ways in which one can identify the child’s strength

Rose Ocokan a mother of four and nursery teacher says she found it hard at the start but the moment you get familiar with the signs of strengths then it will be easy to identify the strength in a child.

She says each of her child had a different trait she use to identify his or her strength although the common one is looking at what the child is good at and having a repeated pattern of success.

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