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What is store for the house managers?

What is store for the house managers?

In 2019, the Ugandan parliament suggested that the government should pass the minimum wage bill into a law. The private members’ Bill passed by Parliament seeks to provide for the determination of a minimum wage based on the different sectors of the economy. Luckily, the bill was passed into a law. Although he previously said […]

Lake Victoria Island child care, Uganda (Osanide Village) giving hope to children

Lake Victoria Island child care, Uganda (Osanide Village) giving hope to children

Many islands are known for being more of a crime infested places because of the lifestyle people live. Some of them have been ignored by the outside world who do not really know what goes on in them. Drake Kanaabo, a Ugandan evangelist is one of the people who have come up to make a […]

Best ways to get rid of drugs consumption

Drugs are one of those things that is consuming both the youths and the adults who work under its influence. Usually it is something that someone cannot do without because they are already used to consuming it and the body functions better when it is administered. The likes of marijuana, canabis, cocaine, kuba and others […]

How to prevent hair breakage

Hair is one of the most treasured things that bot women and men posses and no one wants to lose their hair unless they prefer going bold. Sometimes the hair breaks because of illness or natural causes but there are those who cause their own hair breakege by their practices. This applies mostly to women […]

Detox your body naturally

The body always has toxins that may either manifest or hide in the body which leaves you with the option of observing and getting to know if there is something you need to do to detox your body. It is dangerous to wait for your body to react yet you can do the detoxing on […]

You can start the year without financial issues

Being broke in January mind set has been in place for a long time an people have embraced it wholesomely that you find majority finding no problem with living it. People are not to blame because it has been a trend which most people have followed and grown comfortable living with but accepting to live […]

Lebron gets a tattoo in tribute of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was an American basketball player who died in a helicopter crash that killed nine people including his daughter Gianna Bryant on January 26, 2020. Lebron James who is also a basketball player and a close friend to the deceased took his Instagram page to post his newly acquired tattoo with the “Mamba 4 […]

Handling an exceeding budget while partnering

An exceeding budget comes with a lot of problems and sometimes there is a lot that is at stake if the two parties cannot work it out harmoniously. Sometimes one may make a procurement transaction or even sign a contract after making the budget but end up having a budget that exceeds it. This may […]

Making the most of your job transfer

Transfer usually comes with a lot of issues because there are a lot of arrangements and adjustments to be made depending on the individual’s ability. Sometimes it may come on a happy note while others have it on a sad note depending on the reason as to why you are being given a transfer. In […]

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