How to prevent hair breakage

Hair is one of the most treasured things that bot women and men posses and no one wants to lose their hair unless they prefer going bold.

Sometimes the hair breaks because of illness or natural causes but there are those who cause their own hair breakege by their practices. This applies mostly to women who keep their hair long.

These are some of the practices that you should indulge in or even avoid so that you can avoid losing hair to carelesness.

Use the same type of chemicals

This applies to those women who retarch and treat their hair. It is advisable to use the same type of chemical right from when you start retarching or treating because they do not have the same strength and Ph so mixing them may cause your hair to break.

But even before you decide on what type of chemical to use, make sure you know the kind of hair you have so that it can match up with the chemical you are to use.

After the hair has been worked on with the chemical, make sure that it is washed well with shampoo and conditioner so as to remove all the chemical because if it remains on your hair then it will break.

Avoid over styling the hair

It is exciting to style your hair becaue it give you a new look and an appealing appearance but when overly don then you are likely to weaken your hair. When that happens, then it can easily break because it cannit hold to the scalp.

Preferably, when you style your hair, you can let it retain the same style for sometime before you can change it

Do not tighten the hair grip

This is right from the salon when your hair is being plaited. Much as you want your hair to last, make sure the person plaiting your hair does not tighten the braids grip. When it is tightened, that is where it starts breaking from because the hair is not given a flexibility gap.

Also when holhing it to one position, make sure you do not pull and tighten it so much.

Use hair oil that is certified

When choosing the oil to use for oiling your scalp, make sure that it is of standard and has the nutrients that you hair needs to grow. Some oils do not do anything to your hair apart from weakening and breaking it.

The rate at which you work on your hair

Much as the hair is messy, it not good to expose your air to too much heat because heat weakens it. This applies to people who sit under driers, low dry and hot comb their hair.

Woman sitting under a hairdryer in a salon

Overly doing it make the hair not only turn colour but also weakens it and the end result is breaking.


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