Chinese medical community adopts robots as medical assistants,Coronavirus

Due to the rapid spread of   coronavirus among people in Chine, hospitals in china have deployed Robots to the Frontlines of Hospitals.

Image result for country’s hospitals to more quickly adopt robots as medical assistants.

 Medical Robot Assistants, courtesy Photo

Robots are deployed with an aim to curb the spread of the virus and to reduce the risk of infecting medical personnel. According to  the local media, robots are  deployed  in city hospitals such as GuangzhouJiangxiChengduBeijingShanghai, and Tianjin.

The 5G-powered medical robots are equipped with cameras that allow remote video communication, patient monitoring and safely delivery medical goods (medicine) to patient.

Image result for country’s hospitals to more quickly adopt robots as medical assistants.

Delivery robots,courtesy photo

Keenon Robotics Co., a Shanghai-based company, deployed 16 robots of a model nicknamed “little peanut” to a hospital in Hangzhou.

Image result for coronavirus hospital in wuhan

Wuhan coronavirus Hospital built in 10 Days, courtesy photo

companies that had a hand in the deployment of robots

Siasun Robot and Automation Co. donated seven medical robots and 14 catering service robots to the Shenyang Red Cross to help hospitals combat the virus Inc. is testing the use of autonomous delivery robots in Wuhan

China Mobile Ltd. donated one 5G robot each to both Wuhan Union Hospital and Tongji Tianyou Hospital.

The increased quantity of robots deployed to combat the coronavirus has helped accelerate China’s path to the goal it had already set for itself. The country wants to become one of the world’s top 10 most intensively automated nations by the end of this year.




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