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Top Rebel Commander, Major General Sebit Koang Gai Arrested In Khartoum,Sudan

National Salvation Front (NAS) Major General Sebit Koang Gai responsible for rebel operation in Upper Nile region of Sudan was arrested by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at Kalakla trying to buy military uniforms.

Rapid Support Forces are Sudanese paramilitary forces operated by the Sudanese, Government, RSF are administered by the National Intelligence and Security Service in Sudan.

According to Rapid Support Forces (RSF) spokesman Brigadier General Jamal Juma Adam,  Major General Sebit Koang Gai was arrested at Kalakla trying to buy over 100 military uniforms for his forces in Northern Upper Nile region.

He added “On 2/2/2020, the intelligence forces of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) managed to arrest four of the so-called National Salvation Front oppositions at ​​Kalakla in Khartoum also trying to buying 150 military clothing”

The National Salvation Front (NAS), is a South Sudanese militant group fighting against the government around South Sudan in Central and Western Equatorial States led by General Thomas Cirilo.

During the investigations, Major General Sebit Koang Gai admitted that he was the person in charge of rebel operations in Upper Nile regions, and was assigned to obtain 300 military clothing (khaki) from Sudanese army for the NAS forces in Upper Nile region.

According to Gia’s statement, the Sudanese army had an agreement with NAS for an exchange for money

Major General Sebit Koang Gai  has been charged with breach of security and safety of the Sudanese people, dealing in military equipment, inciting war against the state [of South Sudan], cross-border organized crimes and working to cause tensions between Sudan and South Sudan.

Source: https://www.nyamile.com/


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