News reaching our desk is that One of the companies owned by Buganda Kingdom was broken into over the past weekend of 9th July 2022.

Namulondo Investments LTD is the official Real estate and property management company for the kingdom and according to The staff of Namulondo Investments only realized when they showed up to work on Monday that their office had been broken into.

Sources have informed our reporter that the intention of this break in is not yet known.

It has been ascertained that some financial documents and other possible relevant documents which have not yet been identified were taken.

Insiders have it that the offices broken into included the CEO’s office, Head Finance offices and the Head Construction Engineers office.

This follows a spate of similar incidences that have happened in Kampala Metropolitan area and other parts of the where unknown people have broken into offices and sensitive information taken from those offices and the resent is the Bukalasa land office in Luweero district.

In the case of Namulondo investments, neither the Safe nor computers were tampered with, all that was taken were important financial documents which raises a question on who would be behind these crime.

Currently land wrangles have dominated the Buganda region and some political analyst have asserted it to the political climate in the region.

It should be remembered that NRM lost in Buganda region in the recent General elections which was carried out in 2021.

As of the time of this report, the case had not been reported to police but we shall continue to follow up on the proceedings.

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