NRM EC clears 810 petitions resulting from primaries

Tanga Odoi, NRM EC Chair

Tanga Odoi, NRM EC Chair

The National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission has cleared a total of 810 petitions out of over 1000 petitions filed by aspirants for different elective positions. The petitions are a result of the irregularities and complaints regarding the party’s primaries. The party’s Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi said his team has been able to work tireless to and handle the petitions.

The NRM Electoral Chairperson assured members that all the petitions filed will be cleared by next week. Tanga is optimistic that his commission will also be able to submit the fully list of NRM flagbearers to the National Electoral Commission, next week.
Declaring the successful candidates for the different posts across the country, Dr.Tanga said that the party’s Electoral Commission has 99% conducted party primaries, apart from a few places like Mubende LC 5, Zombo, Kasese, Kashari , Iganga  and Koboko North which have some technicalities.

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