Prolonged shortage of ARV drugs might lead to drug resistance

People living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda are worried that the prolonged shortage of ARV drugs in the country might lead to drug resistance because many patients are currently going without taking the prescribed medicinesCivil society organizations on HIV and AIDS are worried that when cases of drug resistance escalate, the situation might consequently force government to spend a lot more money to provide effective treatment.
Several hospitals and health units across the country have been suffering ARV stock outs since October; this has resulted into an estimated 74% of Ugandans on government provided ARVs not receiving the required drugs. In a joint press conference held at offices of Uganda Cares this morning, representatives from different NGOs cried out to government to urgently release money for procurement of ARVS.
Speaking on behalf of others, Diana Nanjeho of Uganda Network on Law, Ethics and HIV (UGANET) and Kenneth Muhonge the, programee and advocacy officer HEPS Uganda explains.
Meanwhile, these had planned a match to ministries of Health and Finance to present a petition but where denied by police telling them it was wrong timing given the many political activities in the country that police would not be in position to provide them with security.

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