Kayihura urges lawyers against financial compromise

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has asked lawyers to always follow the legal ethics and not to be compromised by financial gains.

The IGP was meeting lawyers under their umbrella Progressive Lawyers Association (PLA) yesterday at Kigo Uganda Police Marine Base.
“The legal profession that I belong to is very conservative most of us are in it for profits there’s no morality in the current legal practice so long as one can pay legal fees to a lawyer to settle a case , what I see you are bringing into the profession is morality when you talk about Progressive lawyers with your vision “justice for development” you are not thinking about yourselves as individuals so that you can earn money and drive an intercooler with a personalised numberplate but you are thinking about taking the profession to where it is supposed to be so I want to congratulate you for this initiative with mission of patriotism, integrity , voluntarism and efficiency.” Said the IGP.

“I also want to appreciate you for coming in big numbers, More significantly congratulate you for this Mile stone that you have taken the legal profession in Uganda”.

“I will suggest that we have a memorandum of understanding between your association as missionaries of Justice and the police to help us improve the quality of criminal investigations supported by forensic officers” IGP noted.

“You have given yourself an additional value in the area of Justice , I therefore want to urge you to invest a lot of time in research , such that when you talk you talk from an informed point of view.” He added.

“We are discussing justice and development and you can’t talk of Justice without law enforcement on board ,its very crucial in our criminal justice system so that’s why we have decided to meet the IGP to discuss matters at hand”. said Tugume Ronald the President progressive lawyers association.

” we also recommend to Parliament to amend that the law on the 48hour detention of suspects and also to have a law on witness protection”.Tugume noted

About 800 law students from different universities of IUIU, UCU , NKUMBA , Kampala university, Makerere university KIU among others attended the meeting

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