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Uganda 2011 elections

National Resistance Movement to celebrate Museveni Victory in 2011 Uganda elections

All roads will on Friday February 25th lead to Kololo Airstrip in Kampala as the National Resistance Movement members celebrate the victory of their flag bearer, President Yoweri Museveni in the just concluded Presidential elections.   The Electoral Commission on Sunday declared Museveni to have won the 2011 Presidential elections by amassing over 68 percent […]

Detailed Uganda Constitutional Court Ruling on Members of Parliament who changed political party

The political careers of over 70 current MPs continue to hang in balance following a landmark constitutional Court ruling that said MPs who changed political party allegiance automatically lost their current seats in Parliament, and that their nomination by the electoral commission for Parliamentary seats is null and void. Here is the full judgment by […]

UN advises staff in case Uganda elections become violent

The United Nations has advised its staff to get ready for the worst case scenario in case the February 2011 elections in Uganda get out of hand. In a statement today, the UN advised its foreign staff to stock enough food stuffs and water in their houses that can take them reasonable days in case […]

Government proposed code of conduct for political parties during elections

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Fred Ruhindi has moved a motion in the Parliament of Uganda proposing a code of conduct for political parties, their candidates and independent candidates during elections. The Constitution requires Parliament to prescribe a code of conduct for political parties and organizations. The Code of Conduct prohibits political parties, organizations and […]

Afrobarometer Uganda opinion poll results come under more criticism

The election poll results released by Afrobarometer yesterday showing President Museveni is leading with 66% if Ugandans voted today, has come under more criticism from researchers. Dr. Patrick Wakida, a Kampala based researcher says that the opinion poll results are difficult to explain and defend and cannot be believed. Dr. Wakida says that it is […]

Ugandans asked not to commercialise their votes in 2011 general elections

Ugandans have been called upon to resist voting people who offer them money as the country prepares for general elections in 2011. Maggie Lukowa, the Coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) says Ugandans should avoid commercialising their votes if the country is to get good leaders and achieve meaningful democracy. […]

Opposition accuse Museveni and NRM of using state resources

By Mugisa Isaac Mathias The Opposition in Uganda has petitioned the electoral commission over what they termed as NRM’s continued use of state resources during campaigns. The members of the opposition in parliament say President Yoweri Museveni who is the party flag bearer for the NRM has continued to use state resources and facilitation to […]

Mbabazi asks NRM members to avoid smear campaigns

The Secretary General of the ruling party in Uganda, NRM,  Amama Mbabazi has asked party members with intentions of contesting for various positions to avoid resorting to the smear campaign, which could in turn tarnish the image of the party. The ruling NRM party is set to hold its delegates conference in August this year, during […]

Electoral Commission to conduct elections in 24 districts

The Electoral Commission is set to conduct elections for the LCV and LCIII leaders of the 24 new districts recently created across the country. The Secretary of the Electoral Commission, Sam Rwakoojo says the commission wants the interim local governments created in the new districts ahead of the 2011 general elections in Uganda. Addressing journalists […]

Uganda political activist calls for quick delivery of justice

The Uganda opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party secretary for Women affairs Abooki Nyakato has appealed for quick investigations in cases involving the Uganda Inter-party cooperation (IPC) women league activist to enable them continue to carry out their activities. Nyakato who has been involved in an all women demonstrations aimed at disbanding the Uganda […]

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