Police launches lost and found property App

The public can access the App by clicking http://gis.upf.go.ug/download/upfmobi.apk

The Uganda Police through the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has today launched a Lost and Found Property App (UPF MOBI APP).

Launched by AIGP Asan Kasingye, ths App launch is in line with the force’s Strategic Policing Plan 2015 /16 -19/20.

AIGP Kasingye noted that, “many police stations are littered with many unclaimed properties or the owners cannot adduce enough evidence to prove that the property belongs to them.”

The app will have information about police stations near the people, with respective contacts of officers and the police leadership structure.

Kasingye revealed that in many instances the public never gets to know that their property is even in the hands of the police which sometimes, he said is auctioned by order of courts or if returned, it is never ever in its original form.

He said that the force has now started implementing the information management system that is expected to consist of six databases among which will include motor vehicle registration , drivers licence, license to carry fire arms, criminal database, crime statistics, traffic accidents, lost and found property, missing persons and arrest warrant database.

The public can access the App by clicking http://gis.upf.go.ug/download/upfmobi.apk

The App will among others improve rights of people, reduce incidences of property crime, quick and timely reunification of property and their owners and also improve access to information.

Police launches mobile phone application – YouTube

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