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How to add folic acid to foods to prevent spina bifida and hydrocephalus

   There is no doubt that Uganda for sometime has been steadily registering high level of economic growth and development especially for the last 27 years of NRM’s governance. This economic growth and development is characterized by improvement in provision of social services such as health and education, reduction in poverty levels, improvement in infrastructure, […]

High percentages of fats cause colorectal cancer

  A human body can have fats ranging between 50 to 200 billion fat cells distributed around the body. For most females (women), a high percentage of the subcutaneous fat tissue surrounds the areas of the breasts, waist, hips and buttocks. However, most males have a high percentage of fats distributed around the chest, abdomen […]

Piercing tongue causes cancer

  Tongue piercing is not safe because the tongue is an extremely vascular organ, which means that it has loads of blood vessels. A tremendous amount of swelling is expected when the tongue is pierced and a large oversized barbell is initially placed to accommodate for the expected swelling. This can cause difficulty in breathing […]

Wearing tight underwear damages sperms and in women causes Candida

  Tight underwear or undergarments have been found to cause the testes to remain too close to the body, overheating them which may damage your sperms. Damaging sperms many times results in infertility and testicular torsion. There is also a long-term possibility that the testicles may become twisted internally. It becomes extremely painful when your […]

Toilet papers trigger allergies and cause infections-new research

Toilet papers as the name suggests is primarily meant to be used in toilets though it has acquired a lot of secondly functions now days like blowing the nose and being used as cheaper alternative sanitary pads, especially among school girls.  Using toilet papers as cheaper alternative sanitary pads is dangerous because it can cause […]

Drugs for people suffering from eczema

  The skin of a baby suffering from eczema may break due to scratching, thus introducing more bacteria into the body. Scientists tell us that in addition to introducing more bacteria in the body, a child may fail to sleep due to excessive itching. Some eczema drugs contain steroids (potential chemical substances) which affect the […]

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