Child sacrifice in Uganda

Otunnu threatens to drag Uganda police officers to court over kidnap

The President of Uganda peoples’ Congress (UPC), Dr. Olara Otunnu has threatened to drag Uganda police officers to court over kidnap of one of their party member, Robert Kanusu. Kanusu, who is also the Press Secretary of the UPC President, was arrested last Saturday in Jinja district of Eastern Uganda by Uganda police for allegedly […]

DP calls for better justice system to deal with child sacrifice in Uganda

The Deputy Publicity secretary of the Uganda Democratic Party (DP) Kenneth Kakande has appealed to the Uganda government to strengthen the Uganda justice system to enable fair and timely delivery of justice in the country especially for people involved in acts of child sacrifice. The Uganda judiciary was recently reinforced with ten more new judges […]

Uganda MPs call for execution of child sacrifice convicts

The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Children has called for public executions of people convicted of child sacrifice so as to deter future incidents of child sacrifice. The Secretary General of the Uganda parliamentary forum on children, Benson Obua told journalists at Uganda Parliament that the practice is widespread and needs serious remedies inform of heavy […]

Uganda police chief calls for educative songs

The Uganda Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura has appealed to Uganda musicians to compose songs which promote national values and reduce crime in the country. He says musician’s messages are effective in changing the attitudes of the masses because music, dance and drama appeals more to the public than other forms of […]

Fight against human sacrifice in Uganda goes international

The fight against child sacrifice in Uganda has gained international ground in a bid to banish the act from the country. The latest Police report released recently indicated that incidents of suspected ritual murders increased from 25 cases in 2008 to 29 cases in 2009. Out of the 29 cases 15 were juveniles while 14 […]