Communities urged on disaster preparedness

The government is calling on members of the public to engage in activities to reduce the risk of disasters in their areas. The call comes as the country joins the rest of the world to commemorate the disaster risk reduction week ending today. Speaking to journalists today the state minister for disaster preparedness and refugees […]

Shift workers risk getting obesity and diabetes

  Shift workers who get too little sleep at the wrong time of the day may be increasing their risk of getting diabetes and obesity. According to researchers in American Universities, this is because during night sugar levels in blood increases. Therefore shift workers who stay awake at night are much more likely to progress […]

Ulcer drugs linked to fractures, new research

  Women who take certain ulcer drugs have a small increased risk of hip fractures in later life, latest research suggests. A study published in the British medical journal found a link between long-term use of proton pump inhibitors and bone fractures in smokers. Protons are used to treat heartburn, reflux and ulcers. The research […]

Symptoms of bone cancer

Symptoms of bone cancer

Symptoms of bone cancer: pain and swelling below the knee is the commonest. It most often occurs in long bones of the body (arms and legs). However not all bone tumours are cancerous. Bone tenderness sometimes is due to weakness. Non-specific symptoms of bone cancer are fever, unintentional weight loss, fatigue and anaemia! Bone cancer […]

Making morning exercises controls heart disease

  Benefits of making morning exercises: It increases fat-burning capabilities and the metabolic rate during and after exercise. Help to increase the HDL (good cholesterol), building cardiovascular endurance and this can help you to reduce risk of plaque build up and it reduces of developing heart diseases. It can reduce risk of colon cancer, controls […]

Call for Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award

Human Rights Defenders Tulip Award: Nominations are now being accepted for the Human Rights Defenders Tulip award. Anyone can nominate a candidate for the human rights defenders award. The award, an initiative of the Dutch Government, will be presented by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs on 9 November. The Human Rights Defenders Tulip is […]

Front Line Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders

Front Line Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders: Each year Front Line recruits two human rights defenders at risk to take part in a 6 month fellowship and training program. The locations could include Dublin, Brussels etc. Selected participants work on a specific project related to the international protection of human rights defenders as well as […]

How to reduce cancer risks with pumpkins

How to reduce cancer risks with pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the foods grown and eaten in Uganda. It is mostly served as an extra food on a meal in most homes and eating places. But did you know that pumpkin is vital for your health? Pumpkins can be used to reduce cancer related illnesses. Pumpkins are rich in carotene; an antioxidant helps […]

Risks and treatment of leukemia

James Kafeero, an oncologist at the Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago Hospital (Uganda) says that risk factors that lead people to contract leukemia are as follows. Having relatives or being in company of people who have or have had leukemia, people with underlying genetic disorders such as downs’ syndrome, previous exposure to ionizing radiations like […]