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Uganda to phase out oral polio vaccine

Uganda to phase out oral polio vaccine

In a bid to increase immunity of children across the globe, Uganda is among the countries that are slowly phasing out oral polio vaccines to replace it with the new type of injectable vaccine which experts say offers extra health protection to the children. Presenting a paper on the new immunization programme, the deputy programme […]

Does diet play part in development of heart diseases?

  Does diet play a part in the development of heart diseases? The answer is YES. People across the globe are look and they are what they eat Every choice people (we) make today will impact them the next day, week, months, years or decades to come tomorrow. Our diet plays a significant role in […]

Women under garments transfer infection to genitals

  Women under garments (read knickers or G. Strings), according to reproductive specialists, have serious dangers. Scientists say that friction caused by G. strings can transfer germs from the woman’s anus to the private parts and urethra to cause urinary track infections. Other infections G. strings transfers are candididiasis, virginal infections and cystitis urethratis. The […]

Solutions to diseases related to old age

  Solution to diseases related to old age is so many but one can maintain their sight and hearing with vitamin A foods such as dark green vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes and lettuce. Doctors at MulagoNationalReferralHospital in Uganda’s capital Kampala say that chances of developing cognitive problem can be reduced by controlling high blood pressure, […]

Regional efforts to fight neglected diseases like Guinea worm

Regional efforts to fight neglected diseases like Guinea worm

Health experts have convened cross boarder regional meeting to discuss ways of eradicating neglected diseases which have continued to affect various communities in Africa despite the availability of medicines to treat the diseases. The meeting which has been convened in Entebbe is focusing mainly on Guinea worm disease, which is still affecting various communities in […]

Causes of infertility

Infertility is a person being unable to produce young ones. Its causes are many but they include poor nutrition and nutritional deficiency and stress. Sexually transmitted diseases, environmental toxins and congenital abnormalities also cause infertility especially in men. Other causes of infertility are hormonal problems especially thyroid or low progesterone, medical conditions such as endometriosis, […]

Opportunity for developing countries in ISID Small Grants

ISID Small Grants: The Small Grants Program is designed to fund pilot research projects by young investigators in developing countries. The goal is to support and foster the professional development of young individuals (less than 40 years of age) in the field of human infectious diseases research by helping them to acquire additional skills and […]

How to pack right food for your school going children

  Parents and guardians and or caretakers are advised to pack the right food to the school going children. Foods like Breads, crackers, cassava and sweet potatoes pieces are good for your school going children during break time. Because these foods provide energy needed to fuel the body throughout the day, fresh fruits like bananas, […]

Researchers name dirtiest places in homes

  Latest research shows that among the dirtiest places in our homes/ houses, toilets or chickens are the doors. The research discoveries indicate that doors harbour all sorts of diseases causing organisms. The germs on door handlers are introduced by people that touch them depending on what one is suffering from for example alimentary canal […]

Dried or powered garlic boosts your immunity

  Our health news team today is informing you how garlic can better be used to get most out of it. Several herbal clinics, hospitals and small health centres recommend people to add garlic on their daily menu. To get most out of garlic, it is recommendable that people consumes or eats in its raw […]

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